L'Oréal - Toronto

We were mandated to cover more than 3,000 sq. Ft. of walls, floors and ceilings to perfection by impeccably respecting the clean diagonal lines, patterns and lettering found in the various spaces.

West 2nd Street, North Vancouver

We developed an exclusive pre-pasted wallpaper, using shades that matched an existing fabric swatch.

21ieme arrondissement

Firstly we created a black wallpaper, which covered the entire ceiling- with a repetition of their logo, we used selective coating for this process.

Brigitte Poitras Design

Our main constraint was to turn a place that may seem small and cold into a warm and cozy place.

Sonia Bérubé

Working by Sonia's side, we chose to replace the mundane pre existing curtains with a translucent frosted film.

Private cinema

Our challenge was to maximize our panels' efficiency to absorb high-frequencies, which are the main source of unwanted reverberation and echoing issues.

The Pepin Shop - Espace Pepin

Each canvas is carefully hand polished to highlight the details and textures of the work.