Large format HD printing, plan analysis, photo editing, photography, consultancy and installation

Large format HD printing

With the greatest sense of detail and an inclination towards technical challenges, we print long-lasting murals on the best choice of high quality materials for each project, with no limit in dimensions.

We find and optimize the perfect image, or make the best of the one you provide, creating a flawless HD result.

Solutions for glass partitions

New Custom Levels of Privacy Window Solutions

We print using white or color inks, as well as a selective varnish making it possible to achieve endless designs surpassing the limits of pre-fabricated glass films. The sky is the limit with us!

Design the right opacity with the right pattern or use photographs on transparent window film to complete your projects.

Reproduction and artistic printing

We capture the tiniest details in your work of art, no limit in size, thanks to our innovative and most precise digitization techniques and specialized knowledge.

We then optimize the image to bring you a breathtaking print on a selection of refined materials, either identical to the original for your limited editions, or enlarged into a mural.

Photography and Editing

Mastering our Hyper HD cameras to ensure the highest definition in print, we capture textures, products, or places, here and around the world.

Thanks to cutting-edge graphic design software, we also make the best of your images.

We carefully work to increase or decrease the grain, study blurring, find the optimum contrast and chromatic palette, taking into account the existing space where the print will be installed.

Decoration Consultation

As a genuine creation and printing studio, we become your partner of choice for your interior design project.

Whether you aim to imprint your company's values and branding in the work place, to create a visual experience in an institution or to rethink a room for your home or office...

Our unparalleled account managers come up with visionary and solid solutions, thanks to their years of experience in design and architecture.


Whether in Toronto, Montreal or Quebec, our experienced installers can take up any residential or commercial challenge. They hang murals, transparent films, wallpaper as well as framed artwork or canvases.

We are always there to assist you, and we make a point of offering you the highest standard in after-sales service.

Specialized Products

From transparent window films with selective varnishes and white inks to a hundred others

Frost adhesive film

Our self-adhesive frost film has a delicate shimmer finish.

Graphics can be printed in reverse to be read though glass. It allows both intimacy and luminosity. It can be applied on window panes, transparent surfaces and mirrors.

Film panels are 52" wide.

Acoustic Panels


Light and efficient, our custom printed acoustic panels will blend or stun in your environment. The ARTPAN acoustic panels are ideal to control the reverberation (echo) of a room and put an end to most of your acoustic problems. Color match possible. Panel thickness of 37 mm (1.5 in)

Noise reduction coeficient (NRC) 37 mm (1.5 in) = 0.81

Class A fire rated and Greenguard certified for commercial or residential applications. Made in Montreal.

Transparent Adhesive Film

This removable film allows selective and gradient printing, providing an ideal office dividing wall solution. You can apply it on windows, mirrors or any transparent surface. The result is as clear as glass, with an image that one can see from both sides.

One of our outstanding features is the use of white ink on transparent film, along with the calculation of the exact needed degree of opacity for every detail in the printed image.

It is also an excellent option for the smallest letterings.

Custom Wall Mural products

As pioneers and professionals we only use premium washable supplies that don't harm any surface

Commercial grade

Terralon is our remarkable green alternative to vinyl. It has a stunning matte finish and a soft grain, all while being washable. Lightweight, zero PVC, class A fire rating, CA-1350 indoor air quality, it contributes to LEED® credits.

All our commercial grade media are suitable to meet the requisites of airports, restaurants, hospitals, malls, kindergartens... as well as residential spaces (living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen backsplash, closet door, garage...).

Panels are 52" wide, no limit in height, and are installed with standard water-based wallpaper adhesive.

Prepasted paper

This easy-to-apply ecological paper is made from recycled fibers, meeting LEED environmental norms. It has a semi-matte finish, and is suitable for both residential projects (living rooms, bedrooms, basements, etc...) and low-traffic commercial spaces.

Panels are 52" large. Just like standard prepasted wallpaper, simply wet the backing and install. Installation instructions included.

Artistic prints products

Refined 9 color Giclée technique

Giclée on canvas

Our high quality gallery style 9 color printing process makes the colors come to life. Printed on a cotton canvas it is perfect for reproductions or even making an image into an art piece. Our printing process protects the ink from UV degradation for a result that will stand the test of time.

We can reach a resolution of 2800dpi and offer unlimited dimensions up to 54'' or even the possibility of creating tryptic style mounts.

Giclée on premium Arches paper

This paper is 100% cotton and is without contest our most beautiful product. With a matte finish and a 9 color printing process giving the art piece great chromatic density on a natural grain.

Our ultra high definition printing on arches paper has become very popular among our artist clientele. The maximum width is 44".

Image Scanning

We are the second generation of drum scan champions thanks to our previous experience as the famous PepinScans

Photographic scans

There is no limit in size : if the image to digitize is too big to place on the drum, we photograph it with a 200 megapixel digital camera.

Flatbed digitization

EPSON 10000

Technical specifications:
Maximum surface 11” x 17”
2400 dpi
Opaque or transparent

Drum scans

This scanning method has NEVER been beaten and from far. If you need the best and precise scanning either from negative, positive or reflective media. We kept and maintained all our elite drum scanners from SCREEN in Japan.

Densities up to 4.0
12 000 dpi
Max original size : 11"X 17" (opaque or transparent)