Latest projects

L'Oréal - Toronto

We were mandated to cover more than 3,000 sq. Ft. of walls, floors and ceilings to perfection by impeccably respecting the clean diagonal lines, patterns and lettering found in the various spaces.

Port of Montreal Headquarters

A specific graduated degree of opacity using white ink on transparent film was needed to control the lighting conditions in these headquarters to give an openness to the space as well as privacy within the offices.

Shriners Hospital for Children

We first developed three giant murals running from the ceiling to the floor which represent a record height of 30 feet. Beside the exceptional size, we had to assure a consistency in the color range so that every panel fit together like a charm.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The art of bringing this piece of 300 years BC history to life with murals ...

West 2nd Street, North Vancouver

We developed an exclusive pre-pasted wallpaper, using shades that matched an existing fabric swatch.

21ieme arrondissement

Firstly we created a black wallpaper, which covered the entire ceiling- with a repetition of their logo, we used selective coating for this process.

Mamie Clafoutis

Prolonging the extent of architectural details with a mural

Drummond Condominiums

The 30 feet tall mural in the heart of downtown Montreal was worked on so that the final image of the condo was against a beautifully warm summer cityscape.

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